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PostWysłany: Pią 17:34, 17 Sty 2014    Temat postu: WENT JAPANESE IDOLS SEARCHING

I was watching the PBBTE evictees on The Buzz and grabe, you could just see the difference between Bam and NIa and Aldred and Mikki. The former 2 are super showbiz while the latter 2 are just natural. Tapos yung before they were interviewed and the issues about them were being enumerated one by one, ALdred, Mikki and Bam were not looking at the camera, but during Nia's turn. Di talaga nakatiis, she just ahd to project sa camera. Ay naku. She continues to be really irritating.
Gerald Santos won Pinoy Pop Superstar? Duh. They say he's really good but I think he's overrated. Aicelle is way way better. My bet is Harry (cause he looks like Siwon, hehe) but I knew naman that it would be predictable and Gerald and Aicelle would be in the final 2. Ok, I've seen previous performances of Gerald during the road show and he can sing naman talaga. But to win over Aicelle? Just too impossible. My dad says he has a cold voice (malamig na boses, lol) daw, but I don't see any power in it. It's so soft, barely audible. Feeling ko nga when I was watching the finals last Saturday night, he wasn't exerting any effort. I swear, I could sleep while he performs. Aicelle, on the other hand, didn't fail to be really good. Until the very last performance. Even if the score is back to zero,[url=]ugg boots womens[/url], Aicelle should've won it hands down. Gerald performed at Unang Hirit this morning and I felt like he sang better (Wherever You Will Go) today than on the finals. There was some power, and he was smiling. He doesn't look good when he's all serious while singing, puro emote kase. Well, that's good naman pero dapat equal yung voice sa emote.
I went Japanese idols searching last night and earlier. Bwahaha. The delinquent students of Gokusen 2 are cuter! Kuma (Waki Tomohori) is still there too. Koike Teppei of WaT and Akanishi Jin of Kattun are part of the cast, also one member of Kattun that I don't find cute so I didnt bother remembering his name, hehe. Pero the cutest for me is Hayami Mokomichi!! (Having a hard time remembering his name! I always have to look it up.) The other half of WaT Wentz Eiji is in Rondo naman. (Rondo > the Choi Jiwoo Jdorama with that Japanese guy. Adun din pala sin Shin HYunjoon and Lee Junghyun.) Oguri Shun has done lots of series and movies! OMG, the list is hecka long. He's in the movie Reincarnation which will be shown locally soon since I've been seeing the trailer on TV. I couldn't spot him though, the trailer's dark. He was also in GTO pala, he played Noboru. I can't remember who that is. Hehe. He has a gf a former Morning Musume member. May mga generationgeneration pala yung Morning Musume. Lol.
Gawd! Ang babata pa pala ng Kattun and WaT! Japanese idols are young pa pala, they just started like super young. Grabe. Kattun's Akanishi Jin is 21 (birthday: Jul 4, 1984), WaT's Koike Teppei is 20 (birthday: Jan 5, 1986) and Wentz Eiji is 19 (birthday: Oct 8, 1986). Feeling ko talaga when I first saw Teppei, he looked like Eeteuk. My newest papa discovery Hayami Mokomichi (of Gokusen 2 and Rondo) is 19 (birthday: Aug 10, 1986). Waah! I like him, he's hot and tall! He's only 19 but he looks mature! Dang, I'm older than him. Ichihara Hayato is 19 (birthday: Feb 6, 1987). Who's he? He's supposed to be a popular Japanese idol ata but I only know him as the guy in the poster of My Pingpong Boy. I don't find him cute. Niresearch ko pa naman siya. Hehe. Not to forget the boys of Hana Yori Dango who are younger than I expected din. I've reviewed their profiles previously.
What else did I find out? Takeuchi Yuko (Pride's Murase Aki) is young pa din, she's only 26. I was expecting that she'll be older kase. She's married na pala, to an actor din. The guy's profile says he was in Fearless. I'm not sure if it's the same as the Jet Li movie. I also researched Sekachu and the leading lady Ayase Haruka is my age (birthday: Mar 24, 1985). The lead actor Yamada Takayuki is a bit controversial because he has a son already! Out of wedlock. He's only 22 and yet he's a father na. I've always found Minami's enemy in Gokusen cute! And what do you know, I found him in Sekachu's page! He plays a supporting character in that drama for which he won a New Actor Award. His name's Tanaka Koutaro (birthday: Dec 13, 1982). He's really cute also. He's my 2nd newest papa discovery. Gosh, it'll be hard when I get addicted on Japanese idols cause it's really difficult to remember their names!
Yoo Min pala name nung OC housewife in Bad Housewife. She was also in Stained Glass as Lee Dong Gun's Japanese actress girlfriend. She's really Japanese ata, she has a Japanese name. It's not surprising since she always plays Japanese characters. Her role in Bad Housewife is hilarious! Like she always wants everything cleaned and in order. She was brushing the road in the episode kanina, for crying out loud! NapakaOC! Si Kang Junghwa pala yung kairita girl who got Mina's (Shin Aera) place in the marketing department. So that's why she looked familiar.
Waah! I've seen Kang Ta and Vanness' performance in MAA 2006!!! OMG, he's sizzling hot! Although that outfit is so Rain. Hehe. You know, the vest thing in It's Raining. But still, Vanness is hot in his own way. ryza jie is right that Kang Ta seems shy or distracted. So sobrang naoustage siya ni Vanness. I didn't get kung anong language ng song. Lol. May English parts but I couldn't recognize the other parts if it's in Chinese or Korean. I read articles on AF about the event. Vanness and Leehom got the loudest cheers daw. Waah. I'm so proud of them, especially Vanness. HOT fans object to their collaboration daw. But Vanness's Korean fans are supportive daw. They'll be having the launch in Seoul this May. I forgot the exact date. 15 or 16? OMG! There actually rumors about Leehom and Shu Qi?! Waah! Exciting! I knew it! I saw something in that Leehom MV! Waah! They should go out, super bagay sila! They were both born in 1976, only, Shu Qi is a month older. Other news on / infos from AF: (1) Faye Wong is preggy? (2) Ariel and Mike are doing another series called Love Machine? Ano ba yun, cant they think of another title? It was Love Contract previously and now Love Machine. The article says that Mike would shift away from Ariel agad when the director yells "Cut!". Anyways, please ha, no more OTT endings! Nakakawindang yung pagkaabsurd eh. (3) Dee Xu's daughter's name is Xu Xi Wen. (4) Junjin and Jung Ryuwon dated?! They broke up daw because Jinnie's semi nude pictures. Is this the wild photobook thing or the scandal where he was blackmailed by the girl he's with. But either way, that's like 2 years ago lang siguro. Waah! I hate her more! Pati ba naman si Jin? Naku yung mga hate ko talagang girls, more than one talaga lagi ang connection sa mga oppas ko.
Wahaha! Rainie is such a cam whore! Ang cute ng pics niya from her own personal blog! Ang cutecute nung pictures niya with her dog Yumi who just celebrated her 1st birthday. May cake pa siya! Ang cutecute! Wahaha! I saw pictures na of her with a neck brace. She met an accident (I was really shocked when ryza jie informed me thru text) pero parang wala lang sa kanya. Haha. She's still super cute and smiling.
I watched more Daniel Henney CFs. Ang cute din nung Klasse CF nila Kim Taehee! Ang dami nilang commercials together! My count is 5, 4 for Cyon and 2 for Klasse. I watched his super kulit version with Hyun Bin again. Bwahaha! Ang ingay! Lagi na lang 3rd wheel si Hyun Bin kina Daniel at Taehee.
Uy nakausad na ko sa Wedding! I watched Episode 3 this morning before I left the house. Hehe. Hay, naiinis na ko that sometimes I would sleep at 3am and still would wake up at 6am, then when I get home in the afternoon, knock out ako. Like kanina, I didn't understand Gokusen tuloy cause I was falling asleep in between commercials. Bigla na lang tapos na, nasolve na ni Sensei yung problem. Tomorrow, mukhang problem naman ni Uchi yung storyline.
GMA showed a teaser of what Asian dramas they have in can Lovers in Prague, MiSa, Love Story in Harvard and God of Sea.
Bago na header ko! Which is also my new sig on AF. Tapos, I made an avatar and sig na rin for ate edcel's SuJu forum. Kinarir ko talaga ang paggawa ng banners. I have to make a DBSG set for ate tam's DBSK forum naman. Talagang iniwan na ang tsinoy, forever kaseng down. Ang saya sa SuJu forum. Wahaha. HANNIE KOOOO!! (MalaAriel commercial.)
HOBBITISMS: (Hobbies + Habits + Mannerisms)
watching too much TV, reading anything readable, writing just about anything that comes to mind, surfing the net, blogging, listening to music (my choices are eclectic), sleeping (even on the floor), eating (mostly junk food)
discovering new cuties and hotties, reading internet novels, biting my nails until my fingers hurt, forcing myself to dream (come on, lemme dream of Siwon and Henney again!), guessing blind items, counting kissing scenes in dramas, movies fanfics, making up stories in my mind, rewatching my fave movies, curling my hair, burning my face with the curling iron, colorcoding my tops.

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